Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Change Lives in 2013 the Gracie Barra Way


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We all want to make huge changes in the lives of our loved ones. Before we do that, it is wise to make an inventory of what we have achieved in our own endeavors about BJJ.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Divide the paper into two columns.

Here’s a simple exercise: for 2 minutes, I want anyone reading this to shut out all distractions, and focus on going 365 days back to the start of the year 2012. With a piece of paper, write down all of your achievements and the changes that happened to you because of Jiu-Jitsu. Write down your feelings about these achievements. How do you feel about these achievements? How strong are these feelings? Regardless on the magnitude of the achievement, write them down anyway. Write down the belts and stripes you were able to earn, or the tournaments you’ve won, the amount of weight you lost, the confidence that you gained, the number of friends you’ve made!

 “When I am left uninspired, I rely most on the legacy that came before me. We stand in the shoulder of giants, and sometimes are faced with challenges that clearly remind us of that” – Marcia Carvalho, Gracie Barra Georgia

After writing these down, on the second column, write down the names of people that are very dear to you. Write down the names of kids that are being bullied in your school. The names of the women that you feel can benefit from our women’s program. Note down the names of your loved ones who need a confidence boost. Regardless if these individuals have tried going to a Gracie Barra class, or have yet to see the interiors of one of our schools. Jot down notes about them. Write down the things that you love about them, and why you love them.

Now, draw a line from one of your achievements and connect it to this person whom you think would benefit from it. Visualize Gracie Barra Programshow your friend, loved ones would enjoy training, or winning tournaments, or gaining a stripe on his/her white belt, or you rolling with them. Think about that classmate of yours not to be bullied any longer. Think of how their lives can change because YOU have opted to connect their names to one of your achievements. Do this in the belief that what you have achieved can be achieved by them as well.

“It (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is my north and a part of what I am” – Vinicius “Dracluino” Magalhaes, Gracie Barra Texas

The next step is to ask them to go with you. The secret to inviting people is by telling what everyone in Gracie Barra believes in; Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone.


While the challenge of helping people change lives can be daunting, the ability to change lives in our own little ways makes us powerful individuals; capable of moving our own mountains and others.

Have a great 2013 everyone!


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