Jiu Jitsu Knoxville tn, Gracie Owning the europeans Championship

Owning the European Championships!

JANUARY 31, 2013


Gracie Barra is Off to a Great Start in 2013! Congratulations!

Here are some photos from the recently concluded European Championships! Call me a fanboy, but having the photos come directly from Victor Estima himself is just so darn cool! For those who have yet to brush up on the who’s who of the BJJ world, Victor Estima is the younger brother of Braulio Estima. Yes, both of them are beasts. Both are highly decorated BJJ champions. It is said that they can choke you with just their minds. Just kidding.

Here’s what Professor Victor has to say about the European Championships.

“It was a great event. We have been preparing the team tough since before Christmas with the competition camp at mine and my brother’s (Braulio Estimas) school. I have also did some training days around Europe in preparation for the Euros in Spain and Holland, and I am getting a very good results from them. We had great performances from our GB competitors. We actually could have done so much more if a few more of our main competitors would be fighting. We were in every single podium for the team. Novice, female, adult, master and seniors, juvenile. We had the most points of the whole competition. I am personally proud of the whole team!”

There you have it, folks! Another round of applause to the red warriors that fought it out in the European Championships!


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