Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, The Family that Trains Together Stay Together


The Family that Trains Together Stay Together

This is a story about two people who first went out on a date in a Gracie Barra school located in Georgia. They met, fell in love, and got married. To date, both of them still train together. They both believe that a family that trains together, stays together. Meet Joan and Scott.

Joan shares their story as how it unfolded.

562887_10150788288730190_748225046_n (1)“When we first met I told him right away that I trained in Jiu Jitsu and he seemed to like it. So I told him if he was serious he could meet me to train and so our first date was at Gracie Barra and we trained with Professor Guilherme Tavares. It was so great to see him waiting at the gym for me, and he seemed excited. He did well, but I was nervous (laughs).”

“On a funny note, there are always overprotective friends that are always beside the woman. So each of my friends took him aside and showed him all my medals on the wall and said if he hurt me that they would hurt him but be careful because I could kick his butt…. and I was standing behind Scott trying to get them to hush up because I really liked Scott. I mean if a guy will come train with me he has to be cool.”

And as any man pursuing the woman of his dreams, Scott started training, and it was well worth it!

…and now I am on this amazing journey with Gracie Barra but I am not alone I have Scott by my side and we are now on this beautiful journey together. – Joan Wages

Husband: Honey, I think that choke is a bit too tight.
Wife: But that’s what they taught us in Gracie Barra Georgia!

She narrates how her to-be husband then had a hard time seeing her train with the guys at the gym. ”Listen, Baby. Welcome to my world if you’re gonna be a part of it you have to understand and know that the mat is my world you can’t protect me in it.” she tells GB.com. Scott then backed off and got serious in his own training and that has helped him get healthy and also grow a lot of confidence in himself.

The Support Goes All Out

As husband and wife, supporting one another is the way to keep the relationship strong. A new lifestyle did take a while for hubby to adapt. “It took him a while to get the hang of it, but we kept dating and training together. Found out that we are both very competitive but when I compete he is in my corner cheering me on. And I love to cheer him on. He just got his blue belt and I felt so proud that it’s our motto that says a family that trains together stays together,” Joan adds.

“It’s so sappy to say but man Scott is my dream come true, he supports me in my journey of getting healthy and when I feel weak he is right there to hold me. When I am about to stop because I feel like I can not go on anymore he is there in my ear encouraging me. He has always believed in me. He has believed in me from day 1 and I never thought I would ever get the fairy tale ending ya know.”

255350_10152039626765331_2072330301_n(1)She concludes, “the best part of it is I get to see him grow into this confident man who believes he is worthy to be loved and not because I am this all cure all but because we are each others soul mates. And now I am on this amazing journey with Gracie Barra but I am not alone I have Scott by my side and we are now on this beautiful journey together.”

In 2011, Scott Proposed to her at the Las Vegas Strip.


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