Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, The Importance of Giving Your Best

Effort and Winning: the Wisdom of Coach John Wooden

The Importance of Giving Your Best


Marks and notes fill the pages of Professor Almeida’s book as he shared John Wooden’s wisdom to the Competition Team.

Today, browsing through the pages of my Gracie Barra colleague’s facebook (in search of inspiration), I stumbled upon Professor Flavio Almeida‘s post. Shot with his instagram from his iphone, a passage taken from a book written by world-reknowned basketball coach of UCLA, Coach John Wooden (October 1910 – June 2010). I was completely oblivious about the existence of the “Wizard of Westwood” so to speak. But I am glad that I was able to read through him, and eventually read more about him.

In John Wooden’s 12 year role as a basketball coach, he was able to bring the team to 10 championships which also includes a 7-straight championship title season

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable – John Wooden

Effort is defined as a vigorous attempt, or the result of such.

Winning is to conquer. To which is an aspect that is dependent on another condition, for another to lose. The attitude has posed little or no effect on the competitor who wishes to grow. To the wise, winning is incidental as oppose to the effort put to winning. The act of exerting to attempt the daunting supersedes its byproduct. Whereas winning is external, as effort, perseverance is internal.

images (2)In a separate memoir from one athletes guided by Coach John, he pointed out, “What he talked about was the commitment to playing your hardest. Don’t permit fear of failure to prevent effort. We are all imperfect and will fail on occasion, but fear of failure is the greatest failure of all. If you gave it your best and lost, that was fine. In fact, that was better than winning with a mediocre effort.”

To showcase your best in Jiu-jistu is as sweet as winning itself. Focusing on winning and scores decreases performance as Coach John Wooden believes. As your energy is placed on the end result and not at the moment by which you are expected to give your best.

champOur best is based on the points and moments where we all faced with the adversity. Reacting with our best against the adversities will help us grow to be the best Jiu-Jitsu artists there are. Putting pressure not on the belt level to be gained, the medals, or the number of chokes secured, or the number of times your hand will be raised. But, by growing in our journey with our families and friends all putting the great effort into putting our best out. Not only the best foot forward, but our minds and body to it. The end result will be us becoming better individuals who value the resilience of our mind and bodies.

Jiu-Jitsu is more than a physical journey towards better health. The philosophical teachings set forth by Master Carlos Gracie Jr., has always been in line with John Wooden: to be the best that we are, both in an out of the math

Rewards will always come to those who work hard but to gain the prestige of a “win,” but to individuals who constantly strive to become best that they can be; turning each day their own little masterpieces.


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