Jiu jitsu Knoxville TN, ADDC starts to take form

The ADCC 2013 Committee just confirmed three new athletes joining the competition in October. Lucas Leite, JT Torres and Hannette Staack will be packing their bags to compete in China later this year.

Leite will be competing in the under-88 kg division. The CheckMat fighter has been performing well this year, placing second at the 2013 Mundials. He fought above his typical weight class where he made it to the finals against Rodolfo Viera.

Staack, an ADCC veteran, is competing again in the ladies over-60 kg. She has been building a great ADCC record for herself, last earning a championship title in 2009. In 2007 she also conquered the absolute female division.

Torres will attend ADCC, fighting in the under-77 kg and coming off a great performance at the Las Vegas International Open two weeks ago. The Atos team member is very excited to face the new challenge ahead, telling adcombat.com, I am so happy I am so excited I can’t talk


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