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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Jiu Jitsu will take to awesome places

It Happened at GB: Professor “Gigantinho” in Panama

October 31, 2013

Good experience is the teacher of all things.



“Hello Team,

I would like to share with you the amazing experience I had in Panama last July with Professor Paulo Castro, Professor Marcos Perez and the Budovideos crew, Jake and Dave.

I was very happy and proud with what i saw over there, our Professors working very hard to keep our Master legacy alive.

Panama has a great Jiu-jitsu level nothing behind USA or Brazil, the schools structure is great and the classes are very well taught.

Enzo, naga. pescaria, 1213 369

The more I travel to teach seminars the more happy I am because I see our team get stronger everywhere, when I travel to teach a seminar it is not only to teach Jiu-jitsu but also Jiu-jitsu for kids where I have great experience and consultation on the business side too. I do my best to help them with anything i can. My goal is to always make them have more success at their own school.

Check Here Budo Videos Interview:

Jiu-jitsu for everyone”


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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, What is your goal in martial arts

ronda rousey with leo frincuWhy do athletes train? I’ll make it short and concise, although each sentence is a definition on it’s own.

You don’t train to overcome hard workouts. Your goal in training is to acquire tools to make hard look easy and new look old, quickly. You train to gain and maintain self-control.

That’s your ultimate goal. Becoming physically strong will naturally happen as a result of your efforts. What you need to learn from your workouts is how to intelligently manage your own resources and ways to tap into your highest potential.

You don’t lose your fight because you’re not strong enough or in bad shape, you lose due to your lack of self-awareness and lack of confidence. How many people in top physical shape have lost their fights? 50% percent of competitors are the losers.

How many times are you going to say, “I need to train harder”? How many times are you going to do the same thing but expect different results? Training is what you’re left with after you wipe off your sweat and walk out the gym.

Training is learning to make good decisions under pressure. Training is getting into it, not over it. Training is what goes into your head and not what comes out of your pores.

The purpose of training is not to get physically strong, a monkey can do that; your goal is to master yourself and own the ability to commit to a certain performance. Your goal is to create an alliance between your mental state and your physical shape.

Your goal is to understand your training, believe in it and use it as a platform for your growth process. Training is more than counting reps, pushing weights and getting through it. Training is purpose and reason, rational and spiritual.

Remember one thing… you’re doing well until you find out you can do it better.

Now I have a question for you,

What is your goal?
leo-frincuLeo Frincu came to the United States from Communist Romania with $10, a back pack and four words of English. Now, he’s a businessman, renowned trainer and mentor for UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Among his many athletic accomplishments, Leo is a six-time Romanian wrestling champion, four-time European champion and was also trainer and coach for the 2003 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team. Leo is the author of a new book, “Choosing Freedom,” which details the steps he took to leave the oppressive Romanian society through wrestling and how his experiences have helped him in the United States – going from a bus boy to successful entrepreneur. You can learn more about Leo Frincu on his website Also, follow Leo on Twitter @leofrincu and “LIKE” his page on Facebook.

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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Nothing is as contagious as the example.

Taking care of your mind mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Nothing is as contagious as the example.

You have to be mirror of the change you’re proposing. If I want to change the world, I have to start with myself. – Mahatma Gandhi

On the path to becoming a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, the individual is directed to improve as a person, work on their relationships, thus contributing to society. Jiu-Jitsu is not only a martial art that shapes the physical body. The gentle art is a tool that brings out the best in people, turning them into superior beings.

taking care

Nobody grows up wanting to be taken care of for life. Actually those that live following this type of reasoning, are nothing more than mere conformists. Notice how the big names in world history took the world by storm through their own initiatives, and especially through their own example. Before becoming leaders, these people lit their own way setting an example for the rest to follow.

Overcoming one’s shortcomings is a way out of their comfort zone that leads to growth and personal development each day. You have a chance to show your inner self that it needs to come out and take risks in order to become successful.

6 Fundamental Traits you need to develop to be an exemplary leader:

1 Self-confidence: is an indispensable feature for a leader. Being confident gives you emotional stability, something essential for coping with stress. Moreover, it communicates the necessary sense for security for other participants to believe in the goal of the group and excel.

2 Leadership: is different than the desire to dominate. The guy who wants to be a leader has to be open to the ideas of others. Being bossy, however, will make a person fail to see other members as valuable resources to the group. One piece of advice: Be humble. Vanity is the one of the worst traits because it deceives us.

3 Honesty and Integrity: The ultimate goal behind the combination of these two qualities is to bring honor to the group, be fair, honest and pure of soul and spirit.


4 Motivation: Establish a goal that is reasonable and attainable. Inspire people to fight for a cause, competing with themselves up every day. Instill in others commitment, enthusiasm, energy, drive and dedication to pursue their goals.

5 Ambition: There is no success without ambition. We don’t mean the mindless chasing after fortune or fame but the ambition to be the best that one can be. Getting caught up in one achievement can lead to stagnation. Always ask yourself what is best for the team and grow with it.

6 – Self-control: is the ability not to let an emotion overwhelm you, because we not always make the best decisions when affected. To act driven by emotion serves purpose only to poets. After all, self-control gives the individual the sense for a decision made with thought for the team and its possible consequences.

Be the best you can be today and cut out of your life the common defeatism of I will start tomorrow. Focus your efforts on what you want and overcome the temptations that you come across along the way. In line with the transforming processing power of Jiu-Jitsu, our Grand Master Carlos Gracie taught us: Think big and your actions will grow, think small and you will quickly fall to the ground. Will is the ultimate power; the decision is inscribed in your mind. To have confidence in yourself is the path that leads to the highest peaks of victory.

Think about it. OSSS

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Jiu JItsu Knoxville TN, Cardio jiu jitsu

21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu Habits – Let’s Talk about Cardio

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. Ronnie Lott

Working on your cardio is the key to last longer in a sparring match (or a war in a competition). We all know how daunting it is to roll for 5 minutes, but imagine those who gets into championship matches, and invitational matches such as the Copa Podio in Brazil, or the Metamoris Pro.

BJJ Cardio

You guessed it. These matches last from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. You may wonder pros do it; how they are able to last these minutes defending and attacking. Imagine the amount of stress it puts on their bodies. This is where cardio comes in.

You’ll notice how everyone calls it the gas tank. Cardio is the key game changer. The thing that separates the well-trained from the procrastinators. Your cardio says a lot of about an athlete.


Do you know how to count your optimum heartbeat to have a good cardio?

Getting the most of that 30 minute cardio session on the treadmill is easy. Although, we would first suggest that you consult your physician and get yourself checked first; just making sure that you don’t have any heart diseases that can aggravate by doing cardio.

Getting your maximum heartbeat is useful in improving your cardiovascular capacity.

Although there are different ways to calculate your heart beat, here’s a method that I have always found the easiest (it involves basic math and less algorithm. Some methods uses both but yield the same calculation).

First is, Subtract 220 with your AGE

Ex. 220 – 31 = 189

Second, factor in your age by 0.67

Ex. 31*0.67 = 20.77

Deduct the Difference


More information from


Keeping your heart healthy

There are foods that help keep the muscles of the heart healthy. If are 25 years old, and if your heart beats at around 70-80 beats per minute, you heart has actually pumped almost 1 billion times in your lifetime. That’s also about 5 million liters of blood in 25 years.

So keep your heart healthy, we strongly suggest that you load up on fish high in Omega 3. These enzymes have been scientifically proven to keep the heart healthy. Deep see cod fish also works wonders for your heart.

Feeling happy and having a positive outlook in life also keeps the heart healthy. Studies show that laughing and occasionally having a hearty conversation with friends and family can reduce the risk of heart diseases by as much as 30%!

You may also read recent studies about heart diseases and how laughter can reduce it.


Gracie Barra is committed in spreading great habits and lifestyle changes. Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone. And your heart is where core of Jiu-Jitsu lies: literally and figuratively

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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Repetition is the key for the success

21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu: Talking About Drills

Practice does not make perfect, it makes “better.”

We cannot stress how important drilling is. But the practice is nought without being mindful about the drill. Drilling on the mats, (and the often times) mind numbing and repetitive nature of drilling can bore most beginner and intermediate learners.

If education is the mother of education, drilling is your road to master. Practice does not make perfect, it makes “better.”


Let’s do some introspection for today. I want you to do an emotion and intellectual inventory of yourselves while you drill. Think about the time where you gotten so bored of it, that you had to stop, or worse, stop training. You may even say that it gets you nowhere.

You are not alone.

A lot fail to appreciate drilling and the repeating the techniques. Here’s the reason: we miss out on the importance of drills because we see the practice as purely physical; where there is no intellectual investment to it. Often, when we fail to dig in to the understanding of the techniques, we lose its value. When we do not put our thoughts into the action of that arm bar, or mounting opponents, we fail to learn.


We cannot dispute (though) that repetitive actions develops what most athletes call muscle memory.

Muscle memory can best be described as a type of movement with which the muscles become familiar over time. For instance, newborns don’t have muscle memory for activities like crawling, scooting or walking. The only way for the muscles to become accustomed to these activities is for the baby to learn how to do these things and then practice them with a great deal of trial and error. Gradually, as the baby becomes a skilled walker, he falls less, is able to balance, and finally is able to incorporate other activities into his life such as running.

Although the precise mechanism of muscle memory is unknown, what is theorized is that anyone learning a new activity, or practicing an old one has significant brain activity during this time. The walking child is gradually building neural pathways that will give the muscles a sense of muscle memory. In other words, even without thinking, the child is soon able to walk, and the muscles are completely accustomed to this process. The child doesn’t have to tell the body to walk; the body just knows how to do it, largely because neurons communicate with the muscles and say, “walk now.” from

It is essential that every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist develop muscle memory. And the best way to do so is through drills.

Here are some techniques

1. When you fail to execute a drill, repeat it for 3 more times.

2. Review. Review. Review.

3. Get feedback. We need to make sure that you are executing the technique the right way. The best person to ask is your instructors and professors.

4. Expand your knowledge through research. Education and learning does not end inside the Gracie Barra School.

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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, The pursuit of happiness in Jiu JItsu

GB Interview: The Gracie Lifestyle with Caroline Gracie

The pursuit of happiness lies in finding a purpose in life that is larger than you as an individual. Caroline Gracie


Last week Gracie Mag USA launched a new feature with our beloved Carol Gracie , the daughter of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

The program’s name is Lifestyle with Carol Gracie with its main focus being to bring stories about health and wellness that are relevant to the followers of the Jiu – Jitsu lifestyle. Gracie Mag provided outstanding material and the feature is already a huge success. In addition to that, putting the unbelievably charming Carol on the small screen can’t possibly go wrong, right?

Sweet and feminine, enchantingly beautiful and very charismatic , Caroline carries within her an incredible amount of energy and vigor, always ready to win and take on the world. We are already familiar with the characteristic of the Gracie family members for making history , so it is not surprising that this time it is Carol’s turn to establish her presence and leave her mark on the world .

An avid follower of a healthy lifestyle , our muse adheres to an intense routine of many physical activities, such as yoga , jiu jitsu , fitness , outdoor activities like paddle boarding , surfing , hiking and others. She always tries to eat well and strives to consume foods that provide enough energy but are easy to digest.

She holds a Purple belt in jiu jitsu , loves to train and sees many benefits in jiu jitsu for women .

For me , the most important ones are self -confidence ,self- defense , physical fitness , strength , balance, flexibility , sociability , leadership and entertainment .



1 What is your philosophy in life ?

I believe that to live an active life in its fullness you need to take care of the mind and body . It’s impossible to exist without one or the other. For me the pursuit of happiness lies in finding a purpose in life that is larger than you as an individual. And health is fundamental in this. Maintaining the mind and body healthy , enables the individual to fulfill their social role , remain active in society through their work , and their family, performing activities that benefit others as well as themselves.

2 –What lessons did you learn from your father about health and lifestyle ?

I learned that when it comes to health you are what you eat . And that my food is my medicine in the sense that eating well can prevent many diseases and not only increase longevity but what is most important in my opinion healthy aging keeps us active and feeling good for many years .

3 What does being healthy mean according to you ?

It means leading a full and active life. And feeling good about yourself.

4 How did the idea of this program came to be?

The idea of the program came from watching the growing public interest in becoming more informed about health and wellness , which are very much linked to lifestyle of Jiu Jitsu . An athlete has to eat well and maintain a flawless physical regime to achieve maximum performance. Our program seeks to establish a connection between what top athletes do and the daily routine of ordinary people so they can reap the same benefits. The feature we’ve put together is full of information and health tips that are applied by athletes or members of the Gracie family and any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in their own daily grind, but anyone can follow and implement the same to improve their quality of life .



5 What is the main message you want to spread with the program?

We want to encourage people to lead a healthy and active life. And it shows them that there are thousands of ways to do this. To be healthy without going to extremes is possible.

6 – What is your favorite feature of the program?

I like everything about it. Its varied scope allows me to work outside the office, spend a lot of time outdoors and go to different places, interview interesting people etc.. But above all, I treasure the opportunity to act as a vehicle to pass on good information about health and wellness to people.


7 – What is the most memorable moment from the first phase of the program ?

For me it was having to do interviews and write in a public place full of people going back and forth as in the U.S. Open Surf, which took place recently in California , as well as being close to my idols such as Kelly Slater . Another cool moment was when I recorded an episode on the beach with my brother , Kayron Gracie . It was hilarious , I was very comfortable . And its great to record with people you know well and have a special relationship with . This is one of the reasons that comfortable with the program and why I accepted to participate in this project in the first place. it is very familiar to me .

8 – What message will you leave for the public and your many fans?

( What fans ? Hahaha ) I hope you enjoy the program and get to know me a little better each week . I would like to thank everyone for their support and the many good wishes and messages I’ve received. Messages from fans make a huge difference , they are the source of encouragement and inspiration for me .

Check out the first episode of Lifestyle with Carol Gracie below:

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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Gluten Free Generation Part 2 – Chocolate BonBons

Eating Well is Jiu-Jitsu: The Gluten Free Generation Part 2 – Chocolate BonBons


“Nourishment should be your only remedy”

In the month of September we continue with our Eating well is Jiu Jitsu Generation Gluten Free post series.

We already explained briefly what this new diet consist of, the benefits, and the many negative effects of gluten. As the main cause of celiac disease and obesity our readers must be wondering what this disease is and what the relationship between gluten and obesity is.

Today, we offer answers to these questions:

Through studies and diagnosis of diseases, through examinations of organs, tissues and bodily fluids, experts encountered the said celiac disease , also known as induced gluten enteropathy. According to research 1 in every 200 Brazilians suffers from it. Few people are aware that they are carriers, because the symptoms are light or simply non-existent. The disease attacks the small intestine in adults and children genetically prone to ingestion of gluten. In response to this, our body starts to not properly absorb the vitamins and minerals we need and our metabolism is impaired. Thus, the poor absorption causes the accumulation of fat and thus weight is gained leading to obesity.

In addition, many people who don’t suffer from the disease have opted for a healthier lifestyle seeing the other benefits that life without gluten can offer. Vivi Almeida , a GB Purple belt is among this new generation . kimono-branco-200x300

I’ve always led a healthy and balanced life without the need to avoid a particular food. However there were foods that made me feel better than others. I realized that gluten made me tired and left me with that feeling that I had eaten more than I actually had. I decided to avoid foods with gluten to see what would happen and since then I have been feeling incredibly more energetic. So I avoid gluten as much as I can. The best part is that nowadays virtually everything is gluten free and there are also thousands of wonderful recipes. Being part of the gluten free generation is not difficult and it brings a feeling that the day has 30 hours, Instructor Viviane Almeida Purple Belt- GB

The Gluten Free Generation” radically eliminates gluten, not substituting it with anything. But it gives you options on how to continue eating healthy and tasty things without having to diet. Here is the recipe for one of our favorite treats – the ‘Blackie’ or Chocolate bonbon. Besides being easy to make it is ABSOLUTELY gluten and lactose free, which is just wonderful! So enjoy.

1 cup condensed milk rice
1 tablespoon cornstarch or arrowroot
¹ / ² tea cocoa powder
1 tablespoon oil ( can substitute with coconut oil)
1 tablespoon honey or agave
chocolate sprinkles or fondant to decorate



Bring all ingredients to a simmer in a small saucepan , except the honey, stirring constantly until it thickens. Turn off the heat and add the honey. Mix until smooth , transfer to a bowl and leave to cool. Shape balls with the help of a teaspoon and cover with sprinkles or fondant. Serve immediately.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional guidance. The use of vitamins and dietary supplements can benefit a person, but we recommend consulting a nutritionist, doctor or other specialist for evaluation and monitoring prior to using any health enhancement products.

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