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Taking care of your Mind is Jiu-Jitsu: Moving Forward and Realizing Your Dreams through the Strength of Will

“All it takes to fulfill a dream is to believe in it.”

There are moments in our lives when it seems that everything is going downhill. The feeling of having fought for a long time without advancing is discouraging. At these times giving up might seem tempting, but it is important to focus on the journey rather than the outcome and have perseverance. In the case of the black belt, Hugo Britto, Professor of GB Melbourn , obtaining the title of world champion in 2003 was the ultimate proof that the strength of will can fulfill dreams.

taking care

In 2003 , the world championship of the Confederation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( IBJJF ) took place in the cradle of the gentle art , the city of Rio de Janeiro . Fighters from all corners of the world had one common goal: to come to Rio and bag the title of world champion . Hugo had the same aim , only that the odds seemed to be against him . After becoming champion of the Brazilian championship for amateurs in 2001 and 2002 , Hugo Britto was in a great pace professionally . His close friends Braulio Estima, Luciano Ayres and Leandro Rameh all students of the Ze Radiola , had achieved victories in the world and Pan American competitions that same year . This was the dream of the GB professor , but the financial support of his parents was insufficient for the realization of his goals.

The days passed and Hugo’s father didn’t help him this time , At the time my father said he would not help me because he wanted me to concentrate on the entrance exam. I went crying to my Ze Radiola teacher’s house , two days before traveling , saying I couldn’t go. He motivated me not allowing my dream of being a champion to wither away. He told me not to worry and that he would find a way , and at that moment , I should just focus on training and competition . Said the black belt . Upon returning home , Hugo had another surprise . When I got home my mother looked at me and asked : Do you really want to go? . I quickly replied that I wanted to go and win . I packed my bags and I went together with 8 other athletes and Ze . There were 3 days of traveling , sleeping in basic places , having to maintain weight, but the trip was very nice.


Until then what once seemed impossible, had partially resolved itself. But the Hugo’s persistence and determination would have to face yet another obstacle. The day before the world championship, the pairs were announced and the most dreaded by our warrior thing happened. He heard he had to compete with Andrew, from Araruama. His opponent had beaten GB’s athlete in the final of the PanAmerican . I lost my sleep. I knew my way to the victory would be difficult but not impossible . Said the student of Zé Radiola .

The much anticipated day finally came . The stands of the Tijuca Tennis Club in Rio , were taken by the supporters of the participating teams and our warrior went into battle. I stepped on the mat , it was a tough fight and in the end I found an advantage. I won and I heard Ze saying Hugo you will give me a heart attack . It was still early to celebrate , and he knew it. 5 were more exciting fights and the gold medal was finally around his neck . This experience marked the life of Hugo Britto and led to a life-changing decision. After this competition I decided I would become an athlete andlive off jiu- jitsu . Today , Hugo Britto is a 1st degree Gracie Barra black belt and owner of schools in the state of North Rio Grande.

At some point in life you go through difficult phases , just as Hugo did . The Brazilian team of Gracie Barra offers these 4 tips to overcome the obstacles you will find on the way and achieve victory , on the mats and in life .

Tip # 1 : Believe in yourself : Before any other person , be the first to believe in your potential . This will motivate you to overcome any challenge you might face . Recall that motivation is a door that opens from the inside out .

Tip # 2 : Whatever the speed , keep going : You must understand that if it did not happen today, tomorrow is a new day to start over. Keep doing what is necessary to achieve your dream . Your time will come .

Tip # 3 : Success is not the ultimate goal : The process of reaching a goal is comprised of small victories over our former selves. Speaking of success , I do not envision fame or wealth. Success , for me , is to achieve what one wishes. (David Nivem )

Tip # 4 : Luck is the result of effort : Have you heard that phrase , The more I practice, the luckier I get ? Apply it in your life as, as we know Fortune favors the bold ( Virgil )


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