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It Happened at GB: Professor “Gigantinho” in Panama

October 31, 2013

Good experience is the teacher of all things.



“Hello Team,

I would like to share with you the amazing experience I had in Panama last July with Professor Paulo Castro, Professor Marcos Perez and the Budovideos crew, Jake and Dave.

I was very happy and proud with what i saw over there, our Professors working very hard to keep our Master legacy alive.

Panama has a great Jiu-jitsu level nothing behind USA or Brazil, the schools structure is great and the classes are very well taught.

Enzo, naga. pescaria, 1213 369

The more I travel to teach seminars the more happy I am because I see our team get stronger everywhere, when I travel to teach a seminar it is not only to teach Jiu-jitsu but also Jiu-jitsu for kids where I have great experience and consultation on the business side too. I do my best to help them with anything i can. My goal is to always make them have more success at their own school.

Check Here Budo Videos Interview:

Jiu-jitsu for everyone”


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