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Eating Well is Jiu-Jitsu The Dilemma of Losing Weight Before a Fight

December 9, 2013

Last October ( the 26th ) , the fighting world witnessed a tragic event . The MMA fighter , Leandro Bean , died in Rio, collapsing inside a sauna after spending too much time in an effort to lose weight before his next fight . It is common to see athletes from various sports lose a lot of weight in a short while while others opt for a more lengthy weight loss routine . Most of them adopt diets somewhat harmful to their health , which can sometimes even be life-threatening .


But how to shed off those pounds healthily , retrieve them properly and be ready for a fight ? In our section of Eating well is Jiu Jitsu today , we bring you an interview with Mariana Costa , nutritionist specializing in Nutritional Therapy from the State University of Rio de Janeiro ( UERJ ) . Answering our questions , Mariana clarified some frequent doubts about weight loss , ( very common among wrestlers ) protein supplements and foods that prevent muscle fatigue .

vitaminas-2What is the role of the protein in the body of a top athlete ?
When it is intended for muscle hypertrophy a suitable dietary protein intake is recommended as this nutrient is a main muscle component. However taking supplements , whatever they may be , has only one goal – to achieve top form that is impossible only through diet . This is why a specialized form of monitoring is required and calculated in accordance with the objectives and the protein energy needs of each individual.

What are the consequences if you overdose?
If used in excess , proteins can cause damage to the kidneys by increasing the pressure within these organs . They have also been linked to hepatic problems and loss of bone mass so they must be consumed properly. Remember that natural sources of protein are meat (beef , chicken, fish , pork and offal ) , eggs , dairy foods and their derivatives as well as some vegetables.

What kinds of foods help prevent muscle fatigue ?
Fruits and vegetables are closely associated with muscle recovery after intense exercise routine ,providing the nutrients necessary for various chemical reactions , in addition to being sources of antioxidants .

Foods rich in vitamin A, C and E , Omega 3 , potassium, zinc , magnesium and selenium in addition to adequate intake of carbohydrates ( preferably complex and whole ) and proteins are essential for energy and muscle vitality. The intake of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily in addition to the insertion of natural spices such as curry powder , turmeric , ginger , among others increases the intake of antioxidants , which are important in the muscle recovery process.

The following is a table of food sources :

Vitamin A Red vegetables, such as carrots, peppers
Vitamin C Citric fruits, especially lemon, grapefruit and clementine
Vitamin E Vegetable oils (from avocado, canola)
Omega 3 Coldwater fish, such as sardines, salmon, herring, mackerel,
Potassium Banana, melon, orange
Zinc Meat and dairy
Magnesium Green vegetables, such as peas, beans
Selenium Chestnuts and walnuts

What are the consequences of sudden weight loss ? What tips do you have for athletes who need to lose weight quickly?

CuidadoWhen there is rapid mobilization of body reserves , it is necessary that the organism as a whole follows the metabolism of these substrates . In relation to lean body mass , abrupt weight loss is associated with reduced immunity , leaving the individual unable to fight the infectious agents that they are continually exposed to . In relation to fat mass , rapid breakdown of these reserves can override the ability of the liver to oxidize these molecules leading to an inflammation, where fat is deposited in this organ , which is known as hepatic steatosis . Thus, the weight loss must be set within a normal range , reducing the amounts of the portions and generally increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals which are also related to a good immune response. Eating should be done at regular intervals and in a balanced way , including all food groups with a strong focus on qualitative changes , with smart choices between food substitutes .

And how to gain weight it in a healthy way ?

Gaining weight is quite a difficult task , which requires more discipline than weight loss , since most calorie-rich foods are not healthy to begin with . This is why a person should be extra careful with the quantity of the portions apart from the choices of food. A very common way to gain weight is to increase the caloric density of the food, enriched with calorie foods such as honey and olive oil, or to consider the use of food -based modules carbohydrates and proteins .

Mariana Costa CRN : 13100-322
Dietitian Specialist in Nutritional Therapy ( TENUTRI UERJ 6tongoing ) .
Resident of Clinical Nutrition in Nephrology ( HUPE ) .


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