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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Love jiu jitsu

Valentines Day: Love Jiu-Jitsu

February 14, 2014

It’s like love at first sight. It was then when we first put on that Gi, we knew it was love, right? Ok. So it’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s sit back and think for a bit about err um LOVE.


Yes. The powerful emotion that encompasses time, age, gender, and (at some point based Hollywood takes on the subject) space. That drives our mentors, professors, and coaches to push us further to succeed. That is Jiu-Jitsu love. Call it mush, call it anything, but I believe that for anyone to succeed, one has to fuel it with LOVE.

Have you heard of the expression doing what you love and loving what you are doing?

574538_10151752856843868_865683867_nLets be real. Jiu-Jitsu is a lot of work. And its not an easy ride. It’s a long, arduous journey that requires sacrifices. I have interviewed the best in the world of BJJ. 90% of these BJJ artists discusses how the love for the art has made them weather through the tough. Seriously. While their journey were full of disappointment (losing tournaments, not being able to pay for school fees, injuries, and what-not) they still continued because they love Jiu-Jitsu.

I am sensing some confusion from my readers. Let’s clarify what love is: love is a verb. The feeling of love only comes after the act of loving. For those who may be losing the love for the art when they say, I don’t feel like doing Jiu-Jitsu anymore. I dont love it that much, it’ because people failing to see visions of themselves as succeeding in the sport. Therefore, to act and to love the sport has become secondary. This is applicable not only to Jiu-Jitsu. It applies to us as people. For us to learn and continue loving something, we must practice the act.

Without love, there wont be any fuel for success.

You must

Love Competition – because life is a competition, not necessarily for those who wins the race, but those who can compete the longest.

images-26Love Learning – The only time that we cease to grow is when we stop learning

Love Training – A skill is honed by repetition and practice. If something is worth doing, then it’s something worth doing right. If you still can’t land that triangle choke, you’re not training hard enough

Love Taking Risks – I would rather lose knowing that I took a chance on a technique against my opponent, than spend the next few hours kicking myself because I didnt.

Love Jiu-Jitsu


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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, The Serenity Prayer and Jiu-Jitsu

The Serenity Prayer and Jiu-Jitsu

February 13, 2014

Have you heard the Serenity Prayer? it’s a prayer popularized by Reinhold Niebuhr. The Prayer goes:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


1376417_586973288015070_1733432320_nI stumbled upon this prayer while watching the The Flashpoint Paradox, (Yes. I am a big fan of DC Comics. Especially the Flash), and I said to myself, it is Jiu-Jitsu in its essence. The lifestyle of Jiu-Jitsu is more of change, courage and peace of mind. Martial arts teaching us that the path to a deeper awareness of the self. The peaceful body bringing a peaceful mind. Wisdom of the ages does not immediately. It is through learning that we do.

In Acceptance there is Serenity

I have met a lot of Jiu-Jitsu black belts in my life (in Gracie Barra and from other groups). And a lot of them seem to possess one thing in common: they are well-adjusted. They have this ability to move past the feel are beyond their control quicker than others. They are serene in the understanding that there is no reason to hate, rant, or wallow on things that we cannot change.

They easily accept things easily such as death, tragedy, bad weather, or traffic.

Courage to Change the Old Self

serenity-prayerWhen one gets into Jiu-Jitsu, one has had the conscious decision to change oneself. To be involved into a sport that requires sacrifices for future rewards. The courage to change what needs changing. To be able to identify that old lifestyles give little or no value to the present. That acquiring the discipline to keep on changing is the key.

I have seen people whose lives changed because of Jiu-Jitsu. Was it Jiu-Jitsu that urged them to change? Not really. I believe Jiu-Jitsu is more like the road, and we are just travelers. We control our feet and where it will take us.

To the Wise Who Knows the Difference

The ability to discern between what we can control and what we can accept is the key to becoming happy. Don’t we all want our Jiu-Jitsu journey to be a peaceful one? we can start by teaching ourselves that acceptance is the key to our peace as Jiu-Jitsu artists.

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone!

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Jiu jitsu knoxville TN, What is your GB jiu jitsu bag

What’s In Your GB jiu jitsu bag

February 11, 2014

I have a habit of rummaging inside the bag of my friends (with permission of course). And it’s funny what popular items are found inside gym bags of Jiu-Jitsu artists. And it never ceases to surprise me that majority of Jiu-Jitsu fighters have these common items in my bag.


photo-13My natural curiousity towards common sports related items found in every athlete’s bag led me to this day: writing about it.

Popular Items That Can be Found in Athlete’s Gym Bags

Mentol Patches – 3 out of 5 of my friends have Menthol patches, or at least any form menthol pain killer. These has become popular amongst new athletes. For some reason, seasoned ones just tough it out.

Rubbing Alcohol – One of the best things to have in your gym bag. Can always come in handy after hours of grappling in sweaty mats. Known to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

A good pair of Trainers – For those who enjoys post training road work, bringing a good pair of trainers can come in handy. Which brand is best, you ask? Try Mizuno, Saucony, or just plain Nikes.

photo-14Protective Gear – Mouth guards, ear guards, cups et al. Need it say more? I have noticed that most fighters prefer the single bite mouth guard, though. Never leave home without these

MP3 Players, Ipod – health freaks love pysched-mixes. So what’s in your playlist? I’ll let you in a secret, mine’s has so much grunge rock in it, it makes the 90’s look silly. Get your pumpin with the thumpin with your favorite tunes straight from your Ipod.

Power Shake Powders – These products have gained popularity during the 90’s. The trend just keeps on getting higher. The secret to these is well, the high amount of protein found in these products, vitamins and minerals all together.

MMA and Boxing Gloves – pretty common among those who are thinking of taking their game to the next level to the world of Mixed Martial arts.


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Jiu Jitsu Knoxville Tn for everyone is contagious

Jiu Jitsu for Everyone philosophy is contagious

February 10, 2014

Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best” Grand Master Carlos Gracie

Have you ever stopped to think that the GB philosophy ‘Jiu-Jitsu for everyone’ extends far beyond the mat? Many of us are already aware of the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle, which combines training, a healthy diet, strong bonds with family and friends, self-discipline and a never-ending journey to become a better person.

GBGroup_2OK, so we’ve all been there. You’re struggling, unsure what direction to head in, what course of action to undertake. But have you ever stopped to think that our philosophy is going far beyond just changing the lives of those who practice Jiu-Jitsu and can help people of any age, gender and social background?

Yes, thats right. Today Gracie Barra is a worldwide community of over 400 schools spread around the globe. It has been making a difference in the lives of countless people regardless if they practice jiu-jitsu or not. Do you know the reason behind our success?

Being committed to the philosophy we’re trying to popularize, all of GB’s practitioners and representatives become great examples to their immediate family, friends and co-workers and we all know that change starts with ourselves! Through the power of the personal example, we gradually lay the foundation for a larger scale of followers who are willing to embrace our philosophy and adopt it as their own.
Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for Kids
As people around us start to watch out what they eat, take care of their physical and mental health, become less stressed and start enjoying life more, many will eventually become actively involved in the practice of the gentle art too. And those who have never stepped on the mat? People, practicing the sport are also following the ‘jiu-jitsu for everyone’ philosophy. These are people who have adapted to our philosophy for a better lifestyle, better community, BETTER WORLD .

Become part of the GB philosophy and Master Carlos Gracie jr’s vision. Always strive for a better world and make a difference in people’s lives.

GB Jiu-Jitsu is for EVERYONE, even those who are not actively involved.

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Jiu jitsu Knoxville Tn, Real training vs video training

Real Training vs. Video Training

February 5, 2014

Supplemental Learning in Jiu-Jitsu

Ok. I have heard a lot of people telling me that they learned Jiu-Jitsu just by watching videos. OR worse, learning MMA just by watching the UFC. Although I agree that media is a great tool for learning, but still nothing beats getting all sweaty and toughing it out with your professors. This is just me. But I acknowledge the advantage of media being integrated in training. Back in the early 90’s when I first saw the Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training video, I have grown to appreciate video training materials.

BUT, You cannot replace the experience of being on the mats on a structured curriculum.


Pitfalls of Heavily Relying on Tutorial Videos

1. Lack of Feedback

Every attack, submission, mount, hook escape needs repetition for mastery. Now, if you keep on repeating the wrong things, you are actually taking steps backwards in your training. This is because there is great value into what is known as feedback. Your coaches and instructors offer valuable feedback to each technique. Don’t miss it on those.

2. Possibility of Injuries

Much care should be taken when using techniques learned through videos. There is a possibility that you may injure yourself, or worse injure other people.

I have seen some students telling the world that they have learned a foot lock from a prominent YouTube personality. Yes. That’s great. But to be specific on that technique, foot locks need much care when executing. Some leagues in Asia even banned foot locks because of the extent of injuries it can incur.

IMG_2809-620x413Good things about Video Training

1. Knowledge access is instant

Just get access to the world wide web, download the video to your smart phone and off you go.

2. Supplementary Learning

Video training is great for those who may have to miss actual gym training. Jiu-Jitsu and its mastery is all about learning and repetition.

If you are starting out on Jiu-Jitsu, your first 100 days is the most crucial stage. Soaking up all the information available will do you most good. Don’t believe me? Ask those who got their black belts in less than 8 years =).

3. Technology has evolved.

Lemola 1Technology has evolved and social media playing a huge chunk of getting the right BJJ information out there. Now, the internet has helped us reach BJJ artists for feedback and are able to answer our questions about BJJ

4. There is a wide range of high quality training applications for everyone available in Android and IOS.

All types of knowledge is good. But learning to balance actual practice face-to-face with an instructor is the best. Add to your experience and knowledge by doing your own research of videos.

Interested in checking out video trainings?

Click this link:

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JIu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Eating well super pre-workout

Eating well Super Pre-Workout

February 5, 2014

Tip of the day : Do you want to be healthy? Then we recommend maintaining a balanced diet and practice jiu jitsu .

comerRodrigo Canale started practicing martial arts when he was 5 years old; now he has a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo and a brown belt in Karate Kyokushin. He was a great competitor for 24 years, making the cut for Paulista and Brazilian Judo Competition selection, competing from regional championships to the Pan American tournament. He was also involved in Jiu-Jitsu competitions and he is currently the Head Teacher Team of Gracie Barra Mogi Guaçu, promoting our global ‘Jiu Jitsu for everyone’ campaign.
You can already see that competing and martial arts are major parts of Rodrigo’s life. All the more reasons why the athlete is cautious of what he puts in his body. Years of experience have taught our teacher that: eating well is jiu-jitsu.

Read on for a super pre -workout snack that Canale chose to share with the GB family.

Ideally prepare your mean at least and our or two before workout:

shake-whey-e1271811895188-300x224 1) whey protein supplement with maltodextrin .

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.04.24 PM 2) Light snack with whole wheat bread snack, lean turkey and white cheese with coconut water .

8170793350_bfa147401e 3) Оatmeal with banana, granola and honey .

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional guidance. The use of vitamins and dietary supplements can benefit a person, but we recommend consulting a nutritionist, doctor or other specialist for evaluation and monitoring prior to using any health enhancement products.

Note: Illustrative pictures

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